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Bla bla view the entire schedule here.



Bla bla view the entire schedule here.

Accessibility Empathy Workshop.png

Accessibility Empathy Workshop

Hosted by Ace Vu & Gregory Sarkis-Kelly

Learn why it’s important to understand and include people with disabilities in the design process.

Ang Nguyen Workshop.jpg

My Cute Community:
A Drawing Workshop

Hosted by Ang Nguyen (@pikarar)

Learn how Ang uses our creator tools to successfully grow her community and then participate in a guided drawing workshop. We’ll provide the notebooks.



Bla bla view the entire schedule here.

Open Arts cart

Open Arts will be printing limited edition summit posters and buttons. These will be available to in-person Summit attendees.

Team selfie

We’ll gather for a team selfie right before lunch on Day 1 to commemorate the event

Polaroid selfie station

Take photos with your friends or knock out a few selfies and scrapbook the polaroid when you get home! You can also post them on the FB Design Social Feed!

Social bingo

Use this to get to know your MetaMates better; do you think you can find someone who’s never been to Disneyland? Bragging rights await.

FB Design Summit sub-group in FB Design Social

Battle FOMO by keeping an eye on the FB Design Social group. That’s where you’ll hear about agenda updates, trending campus food, and details for activities like the Bubble Shooter Pro tournament! It’s also where you can post selfies (virtual and in person) throughout the summit.

What does “together” mean to you?

Throughout the summit, we’ll be asking designers:

  • What does togetherness mean to you?

  • How do you foster togetherness in your team?

  • What are three words that come to mind when you think of working “together”

‘Together’ FigJam

Leveraging an FB Design Summit FigJam board, we are seeking to capture the meaning of together from our MetaMates. We hope the comments and pictures inspire and provoke meaningful conversations after the event.


Don't forget to register for post-summit activities here!

Open Arts class

Virtual Open Arts Workshop (Friend or Foe): In this workshop we'll explore how to use universal design principles like shape and color in our drawings to communicate a character or mascot's personality. The teacher will be virtual. Workshop is from 3pm-4pm PT.  (Max. 20 participants)

Campus bike adventure

Grab a bike from MPK 28 and follow the map to make your way to Classic Campus. At Classic Campus, follow the map to get a taste of what Classic Campus has to offer and grab a bite to eat! Meet in front of MPK 28 at 1:15pm PT.

AR campus scavenger hunt

Participants will be grouped into teams where they will engage in a scavenger hunt around Classic Campus. Each team will receive a pair of Stella Sunglasses to snap photos. Feel free to bring your own Stella sunglasses if you own them. The scavenger hunt will start at Classic Campus MPK 15 at 3pm PT (Max. 60 participants). After the scavenger hunt is complete, a collage can be created to show off the photos taken.


Check out the FAQ to learn how to find Summit schedules, campus maps and much more.

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