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Be together

Whether you’re meeting in person for the first time, or reconnecting with colleagues you haven’t seen in years, the Design Summit will be a great way to get to know your fellow designers outside of a Portal call or Zoom meeting.

Learn together

In addition to our amazing guest speakers, the summit will feature a number of engaging and interactive workshops led by designers from all over the app. Learn from the best and brightest, and create new friends and connections.

Have fun together

The most important part of being together is having fun together. Our Summit Happy Hour will be just one opportunity to get to know your fellow designers as people. You’ll be surprised how tall some of them are.



All of the Summit’s Keynote speakers will deliver talks focused on our main goals of driving innovation, succeeding through change, and showing that moving mountains is easy when you work together. Plus more to be announced!



Being “united together” starts with us all being in the same spot so we’ll be gathering in Captain Marvel, located in MPK 28. There will also be an outdoor option for most programming and events.



While getting the team together is incredibly important, so is staying safe. That’s why we’ll be following a comprehensive COVID safety plan. We’ll also be monitoring the latest guidance from the CDC, and will pivot as needed to ensure the health of all attendees.

Vaccinations are a must.

Vaccinations are a must. Everyone who attends in person will be required to upload proof of their vaccination status to Color. This is the best way to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

Test before you travel.

A lot can happen between registration and stepping on to campus, so we’re asking that all attendees perform a COVID test the day before the event, as well as every morning during the event. We’ll also have tests available on-site.

The great outdoors.

We’ll be offering outdoor seating options for anyone who doesn’t want to be inside. This will include an LED screen and speakers set up so you can follow along with the presentations. Our Happy Hour event will also be in the brand new MPK 22 Center Pavillion on the lawn. 

Masks required. 

All attendees will be required to wear masks indoors during any or all of the summit. However, wearing a mask is no substitute for medical care; if you’re not feeling well, please stay home and attend virtually.


Check out the FAQ to learn how to find Summit schedules, campus maps and much more.

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